About us

The Illinois Java User’s Group is here to help the Java Professional. We want to make Illinois the ‘best’ place to be a Java developer, by offering a support network that allows each individual Java developer to grow! Its only purpose it to serve its community by focusing in three areas:

Learning about the Java Craft

Java is a very expansive language, with new innovations coming out the door every other day, and more refined techniques being contributed by the community non-stop. Here at IllinoisJUG, we want to help our members to learn how to be better at what they already practice, thus,  becoming better at their craft; also, there is always people willing to teach and help those that are just starting to walk through the same professional path. The IllinoisJUG is committed to help those willing to teach be matched with those wanting to listen. As such mentor activities and initiatives are scheduled for inclusion. To do so, we are continually expanding our support activities including:

  • Monthly Java technology presentations
  • Code-A-Thons, and/or Hacker nights
  • Code Camp - coding events
  • Reaching out to College and Universities to include new developing Java Professionals

Making a Difference in the Java Community

Since we represent the Illinois Java professionals in the world-stage, we want to make sure that our voice is heard. Our opinions and contributions to the Java language matters, and as such the IllinoisJUG coordinates activities to shape, change and grow the Java Ecosystem. The IllinoisJUG also offers a platform for open source and/or local projects to present their works, and ask for advice. These goals are translated into:

  • Sponsoring Adopt-a-JSR program
  • Offering a Stage to present and promote new Open Source Projects/Contributions, including constructive feedback
  • Providing support for Java Open Source initiatives
  • Social Networking Events

Growing as a Java Professional

The IllinoisJUG will help its members find networking and career advancing opportunities. Chicago has the need for willing and able Java professionals and the IllinoisJUG is committed to help match those needs with willing participants. The IllinoisJUG will also help newcomers to the programming craft (recent graduates) jump-start their professional careers. The IllinoisJUG will also work with the employer pool to help them find their right candidates and to contribute to our other goals. To do so, the IllinoisJUG hosts:

  • Professional Networking Events
  • Career-Oriented Distribution List
  • Sessions on Java Career Choices
  • Coordination with Sponsors for Job opportunities
  • Informal Job Fairs

It’s all YOU!

The IllinoisJUG is here for you, and the activities are around you. Be an active member and help the organization that is helping other developers be the best at their Java craft!

Email (general inquiries): info-at-illinoisJUG.org