Be a Sponsor

One goal of the IllinoisJUG is to allow developers to meet, discuss and learn from our regularly scheduled presentations. These meetings are a fantastic opportunity to connect or network with recruiters and employers in the Illinois tech industry, if one is so inclined. Benefits of this symbiotic relationship between developers and recruiters includes career opportunities, different event hosting locations, raffles, freebies and discounts.  IllinoisJUG is looking for sponsorship to help us create bigger and better events for the developer community, including the ability to invite guest speakers from outside of Chicago.

If you are a Java professional you should expect to see more benefits from future IllinoisJUG activities and the quality of our presentation events. There will be “rules of engagement” between our paying sponsors and you as a member, in general we don’t want members to be overwhelmed by sponsors, so we try to make attendance to this portion of the event separate and optional.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor we are offering multiple levels of privileges (shared or exclusive) such as speaking or presenting briefly at a meeting, emailing the user list, hosting opportunities and other advertising or marketing opportunities through IllinoisJUG.

Based on feedback from our members, attendees, and sponsors, they have asked us to eliminate any sponsor attendee’s that are not paid sponsors. Thus we have a policy of not allowing non-paid sponsors to attend, they will be asked to leave.

Gold Level ($2,500 or board approved equivalent of goods and services to IllinoisJUG.)

  • Two “directed” 20 minute presentations.
  • One Company and job posting information with 2 sentence message to be sent with event announcement.
  • One 15 minute approved presentation.
  • Event hosted at your location.
  • 3 emails to our member base on behalf of your company.
  • Yearly membership

Silver Level ($ 1,000 or board approved equivalent of goods and services to IllinoisJUG.)

  • One “directed” 10 minute presentation.
  • Company information to be sent with event email announcement.
  • A 10 minute approved presentation.
  • Yearly membership

Bronze Level ($ 500 or board approved equivalent of goods and services to IllinoisJUG.)

  • Sponsorship of one IllinoisJUG meeting (venue, location, time, and track chosen by IllinoisJUG).
  • Company sponsorship noted on website.
  • Single meeting presentation