Be a Sponsor

One goal of the IllinoisJUG is to allow developers to meet, discuss and learn from our regularly scheduled presentations. These meetings are a fantastic opportunity to connect or network with recruiters and employers in the Illinois tech industry, if one is so inclined. Benefits of this symbiotic relationship between developers and recruiters includes career opportunities, different event hosting locations, raffles, freebies and discounts.  IllinoisJUG is looking for sponsorship to help us create bigger and better events for the developer community, including the ability to invite guest speakers from outside of Chicago.

If you are a Java professional you should expect to see more benefits from future IllinoisJUG activities and the quality of our presentation events. There will be “rules of engagement” between our paying sponsors and you as a member, in general we don’t want members to be overwhelmed by sponsors, so we try to make attendance to this portion of the event separate and optional.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor we are offering multiple levels of privileges (shared or exclusive) such as speaking or presenting briefly at a meeting, emailing the user list, hosting opportunities and other advertising or marketing opportunities through IllinoisJUG.

Based on feedback from our members, attendees, and sponsors, they have asked us to eliminate any sponsor attendee’s that are not paid sponsors. Thus we have a policy of not allowing non-paid sponsors to attend, they will be asked to leave.

Gold Level ($2,500 or board approved equivalent of goods and services to IllinoisJUG.)

  • Two “directed” 15 minute presentations.
  • One Company and job posting information with 2 sentence message to be sent with event announcement.
  • Event hosted at your location 2 times per year membership (with potential for more).
  • Yearly membership

Silver Level ($ 1,000 or board approved equivalent of goods and services to IllinoisJUG.)

  • One “directed” 10 minute presentation.
  • Meeting at your location
  • A 10 minute approved presentation.
  • Yearly membership

Bronze Level ($ 500 or board approved equivalent of goods and services to IllinoisJUG.)

  • Sponsorship of one IllinoisJUG meeting (venue, location, time, and track chosen by IllinoisJUG).
  • Company sponsorship noted on website.
  • Single meeting sponsor

Sponsoring an Event Tips

Sponsors What to expect?
When you arrive make sure you get a name id badge to clearly identify yourself to Attendee’s as a Sponsor.  IllinoisJUG Board members will be wearing name badges to identify them, so feel free to ask them for help.  Generally the meetings start about 15 to 30 minutes after published start time.  Initially a Master Of Ceremonies (generally a IllinoisJUG Board Member) will kick off the event. Announcements of IllinoisJUG related information and other IllinoisJUG information will be communicated. Sponsors are announced to attendees, its very important to stand up so everyone sees you and knows who to talk to about your company/product/service if they have questions. The Master of Ceremonies will introduce sponsors and they are generally allowed to conduct a brief presentation if they desire it. The meeting iJUG presentation generally will take about a 45 minutes to 90 minutes, at the end, some closing remarks will occur and if post-event drinks are available, it will be announced where to go.

You should plan on helping during the pre-presentation period by passing out “Meeting Attendee” (aka HELLO) badges to attendees.  This should start about 45 minutes before the event start time.  This will allow you to talk to prospective attendee’s and also figure out if they are “interested in new opportunities” since you will remind them to check the "Interested In New Opportunities"  checkbox if they are interested in jobs.  It is acceptable for a paid sponsor to pass them a business card and exchange contact information at this time, however we ask that it be kept informal and attempt to avoid the awkward uncomfortable interview questions at that time. Ask any IllinoisJUG Board member for the badges and pens and feel free to walk around and ask attendees to fill them out.  This pre-presentation is your best chance to meet prospective candidates for employment.

Of course feel free to get some food and drinks, but consider waiting till all the attendee’s are ‘badged’. Relax during the presentation, or grab some food then, it might be kinda boring for non-technies, but its only a hour.

IllinoisJUG operates on a “Sponsor Paid Model”, meaning we rely on Sponsors to fund the non-profit activities, which amount to over $ 1,000 per meeting. This model, chosen by Board Members and Attendees, requires that we charge for sponsor attendance. Sponsors have made it very clear, they will only pay if we prevent “free loaders” from attending and doing sponsor activities without paying. Non-paying sponsors attempting any sponsor like activity (example: recruiting) will be asked to leave, if you see any issues, please point them out to a Board Member and we can have security escort them out.

Timetable Details.  Generally 45 minutes before attendees begin to arrive.  Experience has noted that about 205 to 40% of attendees signed up will not show up depending on weather, time of year/month/day, and personal/corporate commitments (ex: year-end/month-end tend to be higher no shows).  They are checked-in, badged and move to the presentation area.  About 15 minutes after official start time the presentation will start, Sponsor companies are permitted to say a few words about there company, please speak to a IllinoisJUG member to discuss timing, subject and approach if desired.  The presentation lasts anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.  Post presentation is an optional socializing period that can occur on-site or at a bar depending on Sponsorship.

Post-Event Drinks
The post-event drinks period generally only gets about 20% to 40% of the events attendee’s due to interest, time, and travel issues. All paid sponsors are welcome to attend the post-event activities. The post event activities should not last more than a hour. This is a great opportunity to meet attendees and network.

Post-event Socializing Sponsorship
Post event Socializing Sponsorship is paid directly from your company to the local public bar or your venue. This expense is in addition to the “post event fee” that IllinoisJUG may charge. It should be anywhere from $50 to $250 (you should pre-choose what you think is your maximum), and best of all it can be processed via your normal employee meals and entertainment reimbursable expenses – there is no fee paid to IllinoisJUG only to the bar for this. Please carefully understand the obligations, they are designed to allow a lower cost function only when they are adhered to, instruct your staff to not go beyond them. Obligations will be to have IllinoisJUG people come only to your designated staff to meet them, and give them a dollar for a discounted drink (the dollar plus having it at a public bar assists with legal liability issues associated with “free” drinks) of one tap beer (or if you want a bottle beer) you select, or 1 white/red house wine you select brand/price. Do not allow any other items or expenses will skyrocket and expose you to additional potential liabilities. The drinks are offered at YOUR sole discretion (aka, when U go past the money you allocate, that’s the end of the drinks, period – someone misses a drink, oh, well theirs the bar, go buy your own). IllinoisJUG requires not buying multiple “rounds” of drinks, but some sponsors find that its ok provided they stick to their pre-chosen budget and a allow 2 drinks. Keep the focus on meeting people and building connections. We avoid paying extra bar fees, by not reserving a room, and by channeling all orders thru your designated staff who will wear “sponsor” name tags we provide.